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Our Practice

We believe you should be able to keep moving freely no matter your age. We believe mobility is the fountain of youth keeping you a valued member of society, keeping you involved with the ones you love or participating in activities that make you happy.

Our Why?

We know what it’s like, not being able to play your favorite sport or being afraid to walk down the stairs to join your friends for coffee or maybe you’re limited in your ability to play with your kids or even grandkids. You’re defined sense of who you are is changed and we can help you get back to doing what you love.

Gerard Donayre, Owner, Physical Therapist

Gerard is a Doctor of physical therapy, husband, father of two boys and daughter, practitioner of Brazilian Jui Jitsu and weekend warrior soccer player.

Dr. Donayre graduated in 2002 from Mt. Saint Mary’s University Master of Physical Therapy program. Dr. Donayre obtained his orthopedic clinical specialty in 2006 after working over two thousand hours of specialized practice with 7 orthopedic surgeons while advancing rehabilitation guidelines and passing a national board exam. After opening his private practice in 2009, Dr. Donayre pursued and received his post-professional doctorate in 2012 with a focus on Administration and Business management.

He continues to participate in professional education courses to offer the latest advances in manual treatment of movement dysfunction and performance enhancement.