Post Rehab Fitness Program

The self guided movement program is designed to continue your current specific development fitness routine in a fun and evidenced based environment. You can focus on your balance, coordination, agility, speed, and body weight strength. Learn from a supportive environment, increasing your knowledge base of fitness preparedness and recovery techniques, resulting in superior movement quality and injury reduction.

You will have access to our ‘Health Coaches’ to answer your fitness questions, as well as access to your Doctor of Physical Therapy to address movement dysfunctions if they arise.

Routines will incorporate TRX suspension training, Yoga poses, Mat Pilates techniques, foam rolling, Dynamic and static stretching, agility and coordination drills as well as body weight exercises in a clean and friendly environment.

Training options and perks

Required scheduled appointment times to keep you on track to make the changes you deserve available Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday.

With purchase of monthly package, you will have access to the gym to work on stretching, cardiovascular fitness or specific exercise independently.

With purchase of monthly package, receive 15% off on services: Stretch services, Graston technique IASTM, High frequency massage(TheraGun) or supplies.


Monthly  packages – $180

Pay per session– $20 per session

Payable Monthly by automatic credit card charge or checks payable to Dr. Gerard Donayre prior to start of month.

May be cancelled at any time after the initial two (2) months of sessions; no refund for unused sessions

Terms & Conditions

  • Packages are good 1month from Date of purchase
  • Non-refundable
  • May not be combined with other offers
  • It is up to the participant to attend 1 or 3 times per week and may not be carried over to the next month.