Private Personal Training

Personal Training movement development program

This movement program is designed to introduce specific development fitness routines in a fun and evidenced-based environment. We will focus on your coordination, agility, speed, and bodyweight strength as well as knowledgebase of fitness preparedness and recovery techniques, resulting in superior movement quality and injury reduction.

You will have access to direct one on one guidance, through your routines, from your personal ‘Health Coach’, as well as access to your Doctor of Physical Therapy to address movement dysfunctions if they arise.

Routines will incorporate TRX suspension training, Yoga poses, Mat Pilates techniques, foam rolling, dynamic and static stretching, agility and coordination drills as well as bodyweight exercises in a clean and friendly environment.


Required scheduled appointment times to keep you on track to make the changes you deserve available Monday-Friday.

With the purchase of a monthly package, you will have access to the gym on off days to work on stretching, cardiovascular fitness, or practice a specific exercise independently.

With purchase of the monthly package, receive 15% off on services: Stretch services, Graston technique IASTM, High-frequency massage (TheraGun), or supplies.


Monthly packages

8 sessions @$60/session – $480

4 Sessions @65/session – $260

Pay per session $75 per session

Payable Monthly by automatic credit card charge only

May be cancelled at any time after the initial two (2) months of sessions; no refund for unused sessions


  • Packages are good for 6 months from date of purchase
  • Non-refundable
  • May not be combined with other offers


Clients will be charged for their entire scheduled appointment even if they cannot be trained for their full appointment length due to late arrival. If possible and at Advanced Balance Studio’s discretion, the full length of the appointment may be given if the Health Coach has availability at the end of the scheduled appointment time.



Appointments must be canceled no later than three hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Appointments prior to NOON must be canceled BEFORE CLOSE of BUSINESS the prior day.


The following require 24 hour notice:

Appointments made for non-regular business hours (early morning appointments) Appointments made for a specific Health Coach who is not regularly scheduled and is coming into Advanced Balance Studio at Client’s request. ––––––––––––––

Clients WILL BE CHARGED for any appointment not timely cancelled.

A Client’s package will be debited for a late cancel or no-show.

A Client with a credit card on file will be charged the full price of the session, for a late cancel or no show.

A Client whose account is charged must clear any negative balance prior to booking another appointment.

Reschedules made during the 3 hour window prior to a scheduled appointment are considered cancellations

Cancellations may be made in person or by phone only.