Small Group Stretch Class

We encourage the continuation of our client’s current healthcare trends, as long as it does not hinder movement, motivation, self image, or positive outlook. We would like to provide a non threatening service as an adjunct to current fitness choices, where the client benefits from our expertise in the neuromusculoskeletal system, our principles of  mobility, neuromuscular control, flexibility, agility, coordination while integrating vestibular challenges at the appropriate level, intensity, and mode through dynamic stretching, foam rolling, static stretches, and mindfulness breathing.

These classes will be designed to target individuals who want to focus on

  1. General mobility (All Stretch)-it will help the mom who wants to unwind, or the young  adult who has never been able to reach his/her toes
  2. Will be age sensitive(Ease into stretch) – designed at a slower pace with easier transitions and modifications accommodating age related changes integrating functional transitions i.e floor to stand, stand to floorAthlete/Sport specific population (Sport Stretch)-Higher intensity and sport specific movements to challenge controlled mobility, endurance, cardiovascular training and meant to be done before or after a workout—or as a substitute for a recovery day. “This will be the athletes new day off.”

We will use elements that have existed for a long time, but will be organized using a mindfulness-based fitness session, accommodate injuries or post rehabilitation needs and end with breathing training as a practical alternative to meditation for people who cannot meditate.

The classes will include the following routine guidelines – warm-up(5-10 minutes), dynamic stretch techniques 20-30 minutes, static stretching techniques ( 10 minutes), foam rolling techniques(10 minutes), mindfulness breathing techniques (5 minutes)

Training options

Attend a class once a week


4 week Sessions: $100/4 week session:

Payable Monthly by automatic credit card charge only

May be cancelled at any time after the initial two (2) months of sessions; no refund for unused classes

$30 walk in rate (paid prior to start of class)