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Why Do We Utilize URWALL?

We simply want to make it easier for people to move better and work less at making lasting change in health and mobility!

Are you recovering from knee surgery, loss of mobility and walking funny, or simply looking to add to the ease of your healthy yoga routine? Then get URWALL out… the new easy way to improve and make sustainable gains in flexibility and health. 

Benefits of URWALL

URWALL is a mobile friendly unit where you can work on your flexibility anywhere!

The options are endless, for example, you can work on straightening or bending of one knee, while simultaneously working on the flexibility of the other hip.

Best of all, it requires less effort and requires less energy to sustain a good specified stretch! Also, your physical therapist can use less effort to assist in making amazing gains with specific interventions.

 Surgical Rehabilitation and URWALL

Get out URWALL to help rehab easier following a knee or hip surgery. A San Pedro premier orthopedic clinic utilizes URWALL to assist in making gains in range of motion within a controlled and progressive manner. The patient enjoys the ease and comfort during exercise and treatment sessions. The patient can easily replicate efficient, effective home exercises, ensuring mobility gains. The therapist enjoys the freedom to utilize hands on treatment with less effort maintaining the position of the patient. 

Yoga /flexibility and URWALL

Get out URWALL to assist in your Yoga or flexibility routine with an easy set up with so many health benefits 

  • It allows your muscles to relax and maintain a low load sustained stretch shown to improve flexibility of your tissues
  • It improves lymphatic flow to help reduce swelling and improve circulation
  • It can help calm the nervous system, which may help relieve anxiety.
  • It helps you relax deeply, to release tension and stress.
  • It is a great passive pose to help lengthen your hamstrings.
  • It is a passive chest opener.
  • It relieves tired legs and feet (after a run, flight, long walk/hike, bike ride, etc.).
  • It stretches gluteus, hamstrings, and, if legs are apart, hip adductors

When and where do you get URWALL??

Currently, pre orders are being placed and you may contact us at 310-833-0300 and ask to pre-order URWALL today!

If you are preparing to have a total joint replacement or have already had one, now is the time to get ahead of the curve with URWALL!